Life is not a matter of luck

“You’re so lucky,” they chimed. It was a vacationing couple we met while strolling the waterfront boardwalk in downtown Christiansted. Sue and I had moved to the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands a few years before and had heard this same response from so many visitors to the island when we told them … Read more

The power of a smile

The market was crowded, every aisle gridlocked with shoppers, nearly all of them pushing carts. I made my way past the bakery, threaded through the throngs at the deli counter, and turned the corner at the end of a case of salads. There was room for only one cart to negotiate the passageway; so many … Read more

It’s either grace or it isn’t

“Tell them,” he said, “Tell them going to the rodeo is against the Bible.”  I was teaching a class at a Navajo church. It was the dead of winter and fiercely cold. The wood heater used to warm the room couldn’t begin to overcome winter’s assault upon the classroom. This was a class on the … Read more

The Greene brothers – architects of homes and lifestyles

  Today, January 23, is the birthday of Henry Mather Greene. He and his brother would form one of the most influential and innovative architectural firms in the country – Green & Greene. Their story is really remarkable and one worth noting. Growing up in their early years on their mother’s farm in West Virginia, they … Read more