English is One Strange Language…

NOTE: The following was sent to me by someone who does not claim authorship. Neither do I. If you know who did create this, please contact me so I can arrange to give proper credit. English is the easiest langauge to learn, mostly because it doesn’t make use of male/female for everything, like other lanugages … Read more

What you could do if you didn’t spend your money on stupid

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaroline Gleason* had been out of work for quite a long time. When she finally found a job the wages were competitive but not enough to take to the Cayman Islands. Soon after getting the job she showed up sporting a new tattoo. Not long after that she had another. She told her co-workers that as soon as she got paid she was going to buy yet another.

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Just fix it

A few years ago there was a gathering of classic car enthusiasts who met to consider impending legislation that could negatively impact the hobby. As part of the event, there were breakout sessions led by authorities in the field. One of them dealt with maintenance issues on vintage vehicles. During the Q&A session one classic … Read more