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car-fixA few years ago there was a gathering of classic car enthusiasts who met to consider impending legislation that could negatively impact the hobby. As part of the event, there were breakout sessions led by authorities in the field.

One of them dealt with maintenance issues on vintage vehicles. During the Q&A session one classic car owner mentioned a problem with a leak in his car’s cooling system. He wondered if adding small amounts of water at a time to top things off would dilute the antifreeze mix. The session moderator asked the entire room full of attendees, “What is the answer?”

Nearly everyone in the room shouted, “Fix it!”

That is, in so many cases the answer.

Fix it.

I knew one family who had put up with an under sink leak for years. Years! Their solution was a can placed under the drip which they emptied once a day like clockwork. The real solution?

Fix it.

How readily we adopt temporary measures promising ourselves we will make the necessary corrections, changes, repairs, modifications, or adjustments. Trouble is those proposed measures give way as we adapt.

Some things cannot be fixed. Many things can. Perhaps most.

There are two benefits to a remedy.

One is efficiency. Things and people work more efficiently when devices are in order.

But the real benefit is emotional and psychological. Those unremedied, unrepaired things do something to our thinking and negatively impact our well-being. We just feel better when order replaces disorder, when adaptation gives way to smooth functioning systems.

Some women put up with unbelievable dysfunction around the house because husband can’t get up of his sorry behind long enough to fix what needs fixing. Indeed, some men just don’t possess the skills or the tools.

Just fix it. Get someone who can.

When things work like they should we feel like we should. Happiness, contentment, well-being is directly associated with the things we surround ourselves with.

Look around you and look inside. What have you adapted to that could be readily remedied?

What should you do?

All together now – “Fix it!”

2 thoughts on “Just fix it”

  1. Thanks, That’s exactly what I plan on doing. In order to FIX my problem, I have to sell my house and move back with my daughter. I can’t make someone else fix all the problems, so I’ve just got to eliminate the whole problem. Wish me luck….

    • Fern, I do wish you the best of luck. Sometimes fixing a problem or set of problems is simple, sometimes more complex. But the end results are peace of mind and a simpler more rewarding lifestyle.


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