New Book Titles Coming

Jack headshot, croppedI dug into the archives and found a number of pieces first written some years ago that will, with a little updating, be applicable and read-worthy (I hope) in the present. Their re-discovery was quite by accident. Sue and I were digging around in our storage closet in the garage looking for a bank statement and found two-and-a-half boxes of articles and a large file of past issues of a newsletter we published called “Effective Leadership.” We are digitizing them now and will have them up as a resource soon. At the same time I am updating The Practical Leader blog and have been invited to contribute to a leadership development blog on LinkedIn.  (If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn, it is Facebook for professionals. Check it out at

Coming also in November is the launch of our publishing and podcasting arm. I’ll write more about this as the date of launch gets closer. If you’re new to this website, please take a look at some of the links in the sidebar. I am confident you will find one or more of them worthwhile.

Writing continues on my next general release book – “The Well-Paid Woodworker, How You Can Make Big Money as a Woodworker Even in These Tough Times.”  This book is the result of my years as a professional woodworker and how I learned to make a very good living at it.

In all there are a dozen titles in process along with a series of teleseminars and on-line training programs. It is an ambitious vision compounded with added opportunities in collaboration with other bloggers and writers.