Cardboard Elvis

In an antique store about four miles from where I used to live, Elvis Presley greets you as soon as you step inside. No, he hasn’t quit his job at the car wash in Grand Rapids and works here now. This Elvis is not the real thing, not even one of the many impersonators making … Read more

Everything I ever needed to know about life, love and leadership I learned from James Bond

It might seem that James Bond, a character of fiction, is an unlikely subject for a series on anything serious. Recognized around the world as a womanizing, daredevil, gadget-dependent adventurer, 007 has captivated readers and audiences since the Ian Fleming’s books in the 1950’s. Millions of viewers flock to every new release and there is … Read more

The single most powerful thing you can do today

They usually arrive in the deepest darkest days of winter. Their appearance signals the message that the days will indeed brighten, clouds will give way to sunshine, and long nights will be pushed back by longer days. What are “they?” They are seed catalogs, those colorful paper promises of better times just ahead. They bring … Read more

How to take a little and make it even less – Part 2

Rich people would rather be educated than entertained. This is a big one for me. So many of my Facebook friends fill their posts with their latest concert outing, theme park visit, vacation destination, or entertainment purchase. Wealthy people enjoy life, but their primary focus is knowing more not partying more. The average American watches … Read more