If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, avoid positive thinking

It seems contradictory, but happiness is not something conjured up by working magic formulas. It is a genuine experience and largely a state of mind. It is the result of changing attitudes and, most importantly, actions, but it cannot be manufactured by chants and mantras. It bothers me, it has always bothered me, how willingly … Read more

Live life in the what-it-is instead of the what-you-wished-it-was

Success and achievement is won, or lost, in incredibly small increments. Take for example, a race. Often it is but tenths or hundredths of a second that differentiates the first and second place winners. Sometimes it is pure chance. Most of the time it is not. There is a little, almost indistinguishable, seemingly insignificant difference … Read more

16 questions you should ask yourself at least once a year

 For many years I have given out this list to people who voice some dissatisfaction with life, young people who are just embarking on life on their own, with people facing the challenges of a mid-life readjustment, and with those who find themselves overloaded with work. It is an analytical process where you define and describe … Read more