3d book coverShadows at Moonrise Bay pulls back the façade of respectability to reveal what a polished religious professional will do to convince his followers he is something he is not and how someone who knew better had finally had enough.  Available on Kindle, in paperback, on Nook, and On Kobo.

Three Absolutely Necessary, Always Present Skills of an Effective, Successful Leader: Every Successful Leader Has Them…Even If They Cannot Tell You What They Are

What do Mayor Rudy Guilliani, General Grant, and a horse wrangler at Disneyland have in common?

They all possess the three most essential skills of effective leadership. All effective leaders have them…even if they don’t know what they are.

Do you?

This book, the first in a series on Effective Leadership,  reveals those three fundamental gifts, defines them, and explains how they manifest themselves.

Solomon’s Advice – A Topical Guide to the Proverbs

Solomon's Advice - A Topical Guide to the ProverbsI spent many years as a counselor and advisor. It was my responsibility to dispense accurate and reliable advice about a wide range of subjects. Because of my background as pastor of a local congregation, I used the Bible as often as any other book as a reference source. The Book of Proverbs became a favorite. But they appear in no particular arrangement, so I categorized and arranged them by topic. When others saw my homemade reference, they asked for a copy and a first edition was printed. This edition has been revised and re-arranged. It is available in three forms: hard copy print, Kindle, and as a downloadable E-book.