And They Blame Me!

Police-2I got into this world much like everyone else. I had nothing to do with it. I just arrived in pain and confusion and wonder. I got over the trauma of it shortly, thanks to kind words and loving parents and a nice warm meal or two, but I was still too young to have figured out life. Heck, I am still too young to figure out life and it is almost over!

The problem is, I was born to parents who cared. That was my first mistake. And they were white – big mistake! And they were responsible, loving, filled with ethics, standards, and a sense of responsibility. See how bleak this picture is?

And then I grew up. I had no choice in that either, it just sort of happened. I went to school, obeyed my parents, mostly out of love, but with a measure of fear also. I did not want Dad to discover anything that would bring his wrath down on me. No-sir-ee-bob!

My parents were strict. I had a curfew even in the daylight, and sundown was the ultimate limit. That changed as I grew older, but only in the shifting of the time, not in the presence of strict limits. Some thought my parents were way too strict, and for some time, I was one of them. But I got over it as I grew up. Having limits is a good thing, for everyone. You learn limits best through parent. It is so much easier than learning them from the police and the legal system.

So here I am, in the twilight of my life, suffering from things that only the aged understand. What I don’t understand is why is all of that my fault? I know! I compounded the problem of guilt. I took a job as a police officer. I thought it would be a good thing to do. I wanted to help people. It seemed nice. How was I to know that we were to blame?

So here I am. I am white, male, reasonably successful, married, have successful children and grandchildren, have served with merit as a police officer and did not realize that it is all my fault.

They (whoever ‘they’ are) do not go to school, do not get a job, do not prepare for a career, provide no discipline for their children, do not stay married, do not see life as a responsibility given and an adventure to be created.

They bad mouth the authorities in front of their kids, put up with their failure in school and let them drop out.

They are unwilling to ‘go to the mat’ for them and confront the waywardness in them.

They get into trouble because of their lack of discipline and responsibility and teach their children to do the same by ignore them and setting no limits for them.

Police-Arrest-3When the children get into trouble and the bills go unpaid and the police finally come, they blame me. I made them do it. I am the white male cop who is insensitive, intrusive and prejudiced because of their behavior. I somehow was the key link in the chain that caused the failure, disrespect, lawlessness, and lack of discipline that resulted in the community’s problems.

Well, please forgive me for my lack of tact and political correctness in the face of your problems, but I’m through. The path to your demise is clear to everyone but yourself and a few power hungry politicians and I was not there to lead you down that path. I was busy avoiding the path for myself.

I’m also through with the politicians who pander to the plight of the irresponsible, take time to join in the blame game and call out the police for creating the blight and crime that the police get stuck cleaning up. How dare you throw the solution to the human garbage detail under the bus? Without the police your dead meat too.

Blame-2Chaos is knocking at our door and you do not have the guts to blame the obvious reasons for it. Instead you join in the diversion of blaming the solution for the problem. How sane is that? We have become a nation filled with failure, crime and violence and all you can do is set up sensitivity training for the warriors who have to face it. Wow! I guess logic class did not work, did it?

How about dealing with the divorce rate and the breakdown of the family structure? How about dealing with disrespect for authority in the schools, on the streets, in the homes and in our public arena in this once great nation? How about parental curfews, limits to protect our children and good old fashion discipline? How about starting at the birth of a child and providing them with a step by step orientation to growing up sane and responsible? How about demanding respect for the law and for ethics and honesty and moral behavior? How about creating children who are a credit to the community and do not need the attention of the police?

Your unstable family situation leaves your kids uncertain where they should send their father’s day card or to whom. Your house is filled with callous disregard for you as the parent and the world in general. The schools pass your kids along because they do not want to see them again next year, even though they cannot read nor write.

You allow your kids to listen to ‘music’ that flaunts crime, violence, rape and murder, and then you expect them to not get into trouble? You let them run with gangs, dress with a general disrespect for themselves and the human race, and then you want them to be successful? What on earth is going on in your head? Do you not see the connection between the path and the destiny?

Al-SharptonThen the mayor, the governor and all the president’s men come to your demonstration to blame the police. This is about as sick as a society can become.

What was that you were saying? The police are the problem?

As long as that is your reality, there is no hope for you or your children. Until you take a good hard look at the world you created that necessitates the constant calls for the police, nothing will change. Until the internal character of the ethics of the law are worked inside your head and into the fiber of your community, you are stuck with the external presence of the law and those who do their best to clean up the mess you created.

Harsh? I’d rather be straight with you than to shoot your kids for following your example.

Listen up, or just keep blaming me! As long as I am the problem, you are doomed.

The Policeman


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