What James Bond Taught Me About Women

Bond and his many women are part of the same picture, pun intended. Each time a new Bond movie is planned, the media pole vault each other to predict who will be the next Bond girl. As the longest running film franchise in cinema history, Bond women are envied and admired. Most have won a … Read more

What Fatherhood Has Taught Us

My son, Nathaniel, and I have collaborated on this post. The columns below are our observations on what we’ve learned as fathers. We’d like to hear from you too. Please leave a comment and tell us what fatherhood has taught you.  That normal is what you make it. I subjected my kids to a grueling … Read more

Cardboard Elvis

In an antique store about four miles from where I used to live, Elvis Presley greets you as soon as you step inside. No, he hasn’t quit his job at the car wash in Grand Rapids and works here now. This Elvis is not the real thing, not even one of the many impersonators making … Read more