Getting your second wind…why I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions but do like New Year’s objectives.

Consider this page from John Wesley’s (the founder of the Methodist Church) diary:  Sunday morning, May 5, preached in St. Ann’s, was asked not to come back anymore.  Sunday p.m., May 5, preached at St. John’s, deacons said, “Get out and stay out.”  Sunday a.m., May 12, preached at St. Jude’s, can’t go back there … Read more

Lessons to be learned from the end of the world

While many others have posted very compelling comments on yesterday’s apocalypse, I think there’s room for a more lighthearted look at what was supposed to happen but didn’t. The History Channel has become the Hysteria Channel. For too many months, the History Channel’s programming has been obsessed with apocalyptic programming. We’ve been pestered with programs … Read more

A bucket, a half dozen crabs, and Zig Ziglar show us how to get ahead in life

One of the early influences in my life was Zig Ziglar. While his life ended last week, his influence has not. I am not the devoted positive thinking advocate Zig was (see my article here), I do admire his positive approach to life and living. It is certain that positive minded people do better, enjoy … Read more