7 keys to help you get not just more things done, but to get the right things done.

Long before Nike captured the phrase “Just do it,” the expression showed up as a featured bit in Mayberry, North Carolina. That’s right, the home of Sheriff Andy Taylor and his intrepid deputy Barney Fife. It happened on Andy’s front porch. Here’s the clip: A good friend of mine once said, “It is amazing how … Read more

7 Reasons why you should self-publish

Self-publishing has historically carried something of a stigma. There was this underlying opinion that only those authors not good enough to win a contract with a major publisher would eventually self-publish out of vanity. This is, of course, not entirely true. I suspect major publishers might have been behind the idea, mostly to increase their … Read more

Ten Commandments of a Writer

Ten Commandments of writing 1. You shall have no other higher calling than writing. 2. You shall not settle for anything less than the task of writing every day; not email, not Facebook, not reading about writing, not anything. 3. You shall not call yourself a writer unless and until you act like one. (See … Read more